At AgileSavant, we believe that a truly great Lean-Agile Coach will eventually "coach themselves out of a job".  Our approach to Lean-Agile Coaching places a focus on working with our clients to establish the deep, institutional competency required to become a true Lean-Agile organization.  In short, we "teach you how to fish" so that, eventually, your organization will no longer require our coaching services.  Whether your organization requires a partner to teach your teams the basics of Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), DevOps, Continuous Delivery, etc., or you are planning a top-down enterprise lean-agile transformation leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe); AgileSavant has the people with the right level of practical experience to successfully fulfill your lean-agile coaching needs.  We only hire or partner with the best there is in the industry.  


If your organization is more interested in "doers" working alongside coaches, then AgileSavant can provide highly skilled agile practitioners, software developers, system architects / engineers and DevOps professionals who can step in and accelerate the delivery of value to your internal stakeholders or external customers.  We can bring in the resources and skills needed to rapidly stand up an Agile Team, or a Team of Agile Teams such as an Agile Release Train, or ART, that effectively defines, builds, tests and releases software leveraging the cadence and synchronization that is indicative of the Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe.  AgileSavant has software developers / testers who are experienced in top coding languages such as JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, C++, C#, CSS, Go, etc., who are also experienced in leveraging Scrum for project management, Kanban to manage product flow, and XP engineering practices that increase velocity / throughput, lowers lead / cycle time, and increases code quality.  

Practice Areas


AgileSavant has extensive SAFe 5.0 Remote and In-Person Training and Coaching experience. During the COVID-19 crisis, we've trained hundreds of professionals in SAFe leveraging virtual tools such as Zoom, Miro, Targetprocess, Kendis, VersionOne, the Atlassian Suite, CA Rally, Murral, IBM Rational, Microsoft 365 w/ Azure DevOps, etc., and we are experimenting with Scaled Agile's new Weave collaboration platform.  We also bring actual implementation and execution experience working with Agile Release Trains (ARTs) that have been forced to work virtually during the COVID-19 crisis. AgileSavant has been so successful in these virtual coaching endeavors that many of our clients are seriously contemplating remaining in the Virtual ART format even after the pandemic subsides. We share those rich experiences with you during all of our training and coaching engagements.  Be it a virtual or on-prem SAFe implementation, agile management tools are key to an organizations business agility transformation success.  AgileSavant brings to experience to help you choose a tool, implement and maintain it, train the users, and customize the metrics reporting to provide the transparency necessary for sustained business success. 


AgileSavant is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network member with DevOps practitioners who are focused on helping your organization navigate through the AWS tooling and infrastructure resources that enable your organization's continuous delivery pipeline.  AWS provides a set of flexible services that spans from the development process to provisioning, deployment, and management. These services easily integrate with popular third-party tools to build out an end-to-end solution that fits your needs.  These AWS services are designed to simplify provisioning and management of your infrastructure and applications, deploying your code, and automating your software release process. With these services AgileSavant's AWS cloud experts can help your organization to quickly build out your cloud infrastructure, deploy applications to any instance, or develop complex applications on AWS. 


Business Agility  is key to remaining competitively viable in a rapidly changing global marketplace.  The consultants at AgileSavant can help your organization break down the silos and cultural stagnation that is slowing down the flow of value to your customers and/or constituents. No matter if you're a for-profit business, non-profit, or government entity, the agile enterprise transformation experts at AgileSavant can help unleash the flow of value in your organization.  We'll help you adopt the SAFe approach to addressing the challenge of digital transformation through the ‘dual operating system’, one that leverages the stability and resources of the existing organizational hierarchy while implementing a value stream network that leverages the entrepreneurial drive still present in every organization. By coaching you to organize and/or reorganize the enterprise around the flow of value instead of the traditional organizational silos, AgileSavant and SAFe can partner with you to restore the second (network) operating system. Our partnership in this business agility transformation effort shall allow you organization to focus on both the innovation and growth of new ideas as well as the execution, delivery, operation, and support of existing solutions.  SAFe is not just for technical teams!  You can run your entire business through the dual operating system.


For organizations seeking to align their entire enterprise to Lean-Agile processes and methodologies as defined by SAFe-- or a subset of its enterprise portfolio, AgileSavant's Senior Enterprise Transformation Consultants can work with your organization's leadership to assess the enterprise strategy, mission, vision and plan of execution and better align these to Lean-Agile concepts-- with the goal of accelerating the organizations' ability to deliver value to its clients, customers or constituents through the formation of Agile Release Trains, or ARTs.  Our Lean-Agile Transformation engagements start at the enterprise level (preferably the C-Suite), where we review the enterprise Strategic Themes, establish a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, or LACE to steer the transformation effort, and create one or several ARTs to develop and support the organization's value streams.  AgileSavant will take your organization through all of the steps within the SAFe Implementation Roadmap to help you establish your first ART, then continue the transformation (if need be) to extend to additional ART launches.  Once your ART(s) are successfully launched, our Enterprise Transformation Consultant(s) will stay around through ART execution as long as you need us-- be it one Program Increment, 10 or more!


AgileSavant is a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) member focused on helping our clients leverage the DevOps tools provided within Azure and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to accelerate innovation with a modern application development lifecycle approach to deliver great solutions on-premises and in the cloud. The opportunity to manage the process, people, and technology behind great apps helps get world-class applications into user’s hands faster and creates a unique value for your customers.  AgileSavant has the DevOps competency expertise in helping organizations define, build, manage, and continuously release great software on-premises and in the cloud by leveraging the powerful DevOps and application lifecycle management features of the Microsoft development platform.