In the competitive realm of Agile frameworks, the impact of a SAFe certification hinges on the quality of your training provider. Currently, there are more than 536 SAFe Training Partners globally. Given this crowded field prospective course attendees should prioritize not just any training provider but an experienced SAFe training provider with proven high customer satisfaction. Experience and satisfaction matter and here’s why these factors are non-negotiable in your learning journey.

When selecting a SAFe course, two key considerations should guide your decision: the provider’s experience and their customer satisfaction record. A top-rated SAFe certification partner—one with a breadth of experience teaching 100+ courses—brings practical insights that are indispensable for learning. Meanwhile, a high customer satisfaction score, like AgileSavant’s impressive 4.82/5 instructor rating, reflects a quality of training that consistently meets—and exceeds—attendees’ expectations.

The AgileSavant Edge

At AgileSavant, we take pride in our ability to deliver an exceptional learning experience. Our trainers are not just experts in the field; they’re seasoned educators who have empowered hundreds of professionals with the skills to thrive in Agile environments. In fact, when comparing AgileSavant with SAFe partners that have comparable experience (having taught 100 or more SAFe courses) our 4.82 instructor rating would result in a ranking of #4 among all global partners.

Why Experience and Customer Satisfaction Matter

  1. Real-World Application: A training provider that has conducted numerous courses has refined their curriculum to ensure that it resonates with professionals across various sectors.
  2. Adaptive Learning: A high customer satisfaction rating is indicative of a training provider’s ability to adapt to different learning styles and professional backgrounds, ensuring a more personalized learning experience.
  3. Engagement and Interaction: Interactive and engaging courses are often behind high satisfaction scores, as they reflect the provider’s commitment to creating an immersive learning environment.
  4. Continuous Improvement: High-scoring providers like AgileSavant use feedback to continuously improve their offerings, ensuring they’re providing the most relevant and effective training possible.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Opting for a partner like AgileSavant, with a proven track record and stellar participant feedback, isn’t just choosing a course; it’s investing in a quality learning experience that will pay dividends throughout your Agile career.

Join us at AgileSavant, where expertise and satisfaction converge to offer you top-tier SAFe training. Check out our upcoming SAFe courses and learn more about our unique approach to SAFe training.

For more insights on the importance of selecting a seasoned training provider, please check out the Scaled Agile Training Calendar and click the “Learn More” button when reviewing the trainers. You’ll see that there are only a handful of SAFe training partners with a 4.8 or greater trainer rating after running 100 or more courses – and AgileSavant is one of them.


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