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AgileSavant is one of the top Scaled Agile Framework Training and Transformation Consulting firms.

AgileSavant has trained more SAFe certified professionals than 86% of all Scaled Agile Partners and over 95% of our SAFe candidates pass the certification exam on their first attempt!   Our coaches and trainers have been involved in the launch of over 50 Agile Release Trains (or ARTs); thus, our service offerings aren’t limited to “book” knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework. We bring “real-world” & practical experience from many different business contexts to all of our Business Agility training and transformation engagements.   A clear differentiator for us!

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Business Agility Transformation Consulting

Business Agility creates an adaptable organization that can achieve business results.
What are the goals for your enterprise?  
AgileSavant can help with the below and other Business Agility Transformation Consulting offerings:

Enterprise-Level Business Agility  Transformation Engagements

AgileSavant has the experience and expertise to help your enterprise adopt the SAFe approach to addressing the challenge of digital transformation through the ‘dual operating system’, one that leverages the stability and resources of the existing organizational hierarchy while implementing a value stream network that leverages the entrepreneurial drive still present in every organization.

By coaching you to organize and/or reorganize the enterprise around the flow of value instead of the traditional organizational silos, AgileSavant can partner with your teams to restore a customer-centric business operating system. Our partnership in this business agility transformation effort shall enable your organization to focus on both the innovation and growth of new ideas as well as the execution, delivery, operation, and support of existing solutions. SAFe is not just for technical teams! You can run your entire business through the dual business operating system.

Business, Product, or Service Unit Agile Release Train (ART) Launches

AgileSavant’s Senior Enterprise Transformation Consultants can work with your organization’s leadership to assess the enterprise strategy, mission, vision and plan of execution to better align these to Lean-Agile values, principles and best practices– with the goal of accelerating the organizations’ ability to deliver value to its internal / external customers or constituents through the formation of Agile Release Trains, or ARTs. 

Our ART Launch engagements start at the appropriate level within the enterprise where we review the enterprise Strategic Themes, establish a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, or LACE to steer the transformation effort, and create one or several ARTs to develop and support the organization’s value streams. AgileSavant will take your organization through all of the steps within the SAFe Implementation Roadmap to help you establish your first ART, then continue the transformation (if need be) to extend to additional ART launches as necessary.

Start Small with SAFe Quick-Starts, Workshops & Assessments

Perhaps your enterprise has not reached the Tipping Point just yet, or you may be staring the tipping point square in the face, but you don’t have the budget for a large Enterprise Business Agility Transformation nor a full ART Launch. Well… no matter the situation, AgileSavant has some answers:

SAFe Quick Starts – Whether the case is you have a limited budget and don’t know where to start, or you’ve started your SAFe implementation but things seem stuck. AgileSavant can customize a SAFe Quick Start engagement to fit within your budget and we’ll provide the guidance to get your organization the biggest bang for your buck to get you started or “un-stuck” with SAFe.

SAFe Workshops & Assessments – Scaled Agile Inc. provides a wealth of packaged workshops & assessment tools that are delivered by certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs). Give us a call for guidance on how best to leverage these packaged tools and services.

Our Team

Kristen & David Tilghman are the  Co-Founders of AgileSavant. Both bring years of experience in leading SAFe transformations and delivering SAFe and other Lean-Agile training & consulting offerings. To learn more about Kristen, David and the rest of our team’s wealth of experience and impressive credentials, check out their social media profile links below and feel free to connect. The folks at AgileSavant will be glad to hear from you and add you to our continuously expanding network!

David Tilghman

Chief Transformation Coach & CEO

Kristen Tilghman

Chief Operating Officer & Founder

Jamie Shopland

Enterprise Transformation Coach

Greig Fields

Enterprise Transformation Coach

Bill Wheeler

Enterprise Transformation Coach

Client examples and testimonials

David and the AgileSavant team demonstrate their passion for agile and specifically how coaching and training in agile is a joy to be part of and watch. Their combined knowledge, belief and practice in agile and SAFe agile is deep. I would recommend AgileSavant training to any individual or organization looking to brush up or make a wholesale shift.

C. Volker, Senior Director – Product & Marketing Communications at DC Area Financial Services Firm

Thanks David Tilghman and AgileSavant LLC for one of the best courses I’ve had the pleasure to take. Excited to now be a SAFe Certified Practitioner!

W. Guevara, Solution Delivery Manager – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Start your Business Agility Transformation today!

Latest news

Through our Business Agility transformation and training services, the folks at AgileSavant have a lot to share in regards to Lean-Agile values, principles and best practices– particularly in regards to the Scaled Agile Framework. We capture many of these experiences and share them with our clients, students and the general public via our blog. Check back from time to time to see if we cover any topics of interest to you; otherwise you may see a link to our postings on LinkedIn. We certainly encourage different perspectives, so feel free to leave comments.  Cheers – David & Kristen


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